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DRILL REPORT: Russia Crashes U.S. Drill With Sub-Hunting Planes December 10, 2010

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I think this is pretty self explanatory as to why this is bad. Can we say WWIII, people? Russia and China ain’t too pleased with us. Wake up and smell the coffee.

— Silver

Russia Crashes U.S. Drill With Sub-Hunting Planes
Adam Rawnsley
December 8, 2010

The United States and Japan were all set for a day of joint naval practice yesterday when two very uninvited and disruptive guests showed up: Russian sub-hunting planes.

The U.S. and Japanese navies were in the Sea of Japan for their biennial Keen Sword exercises in the largest U.S.-Japan defense drill to date when two Il-38 Anti-Submarine Warfare planes buzzed the assembled warships, forcing the U.S. to scramble F-15s to intercept them. The exercise was briefly postponed in order to prevent the Russian sub-hunters from snooping on the naval operations.

Russia defended its actions, saying the planes were operating legally in international waters. It’s nonetheless annoying for the U.S. and Japan — and that may be the point.

The U.S. has been beefing up military ties with East Asian partners in the wake of increasing North Korean aggression, sending the U.S.S. George Washington to drill with South Korea and inviting South Korean officers on hand to observe Keen Sword. So its fairly clear that the exercise isn’t aimed at intimidating Russia,though it dates to the cold war.

But the Russians might not exactly see it that way. Over the last month, Russian and Japanese politicians have made dueling visits to islands claimed by both countries. Russia’s interruption of the exercise was likely intended as a reminder that it still feels a bit strongly about its claims to the disputed islands.

Trolling rivals with military aircraft has been a favorite tactic for Russia to remind folks its still a force to be reckoned with, despite its economic troubles during the 1990s. In recent years, it has buzzed U.S. aircraft carriers and the borders of its NATO rivals with bombers and fighter jets. Russia even went for a retro Cuban missile crisis effect by threatening to send Tu-160 supersonic bombers to Cuba if the United States didn’t drop its plans for a missile shield in Eastern Europe.

But it seems like everybody wants to show their muscles in seas of East Asia these days, from China, to the U.S. to North Korea and now Russia and Japan. With all the activity, the waters in the region look they’re in danger of getting pretty warm soon.


DRILL REPORT: Kings Bay, Georgia hots nuclear drill 11/6-11/10/10 November 9, 2010

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DRILL REPORT: Kings Bay, Georgia hots nuclear drill 11/6-11/10/10

Where: Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base, Georgia
When: November 6 – 10, 2010
Who: “all branches of the military, the FBI, local public safety officials and medical personnel”
Source: http://jacksonville.c…

Nuclear drill puts national focus on Kings Bay
The exercise will last until Wednesday and will likely impact traffic near the base.
November 5, 2010 – 11:00pm
By Gordon Jackson

ST. MARYS – As many as 1,800 military and civilian personnel from across the nation will participate in a simulated nuclear weapon incident at Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base beginning today.

While the majority of activity will be on base, residents living near Kings Bay will be affected by the drill. They can expect to see emergency vehicles, especially today, driving to a local hospital. Residents may also see smoke and hear loud noises coming from the base.

Capt. John O’Neill, commanding officer at Kings Bay, described the drill as a national-level exercise involving all branches of the military, the FBI, local public safety officials and medical personnel.

“We’ll look at the initial response and coordination of all the agencies,” O’Neill said.

The Defense Threat Reduction Agency is sponsoring the multi-agency response exercise, Navy officials said.

O’Neill said he cannot reveal specifics of the drill, other than to say there will be some mock injuries that will test local emergency officials.

“For security reasons, we can’t give details,” he said. “Specifics, we don’t discuss.”

Brian Lamkin, special agent in charge of the FBI office in Atlanta, said the exercise gives his agency a way to prepare for different national security scenarios.

“We have national assets we want to exercise in this process,” he said.

While many base personnel are participating in the drill, those who are late to their jobs on base because of traffic backups at security check points will not be penalized, O’Neill said.

“We anticipate there will be some impact to traffic,” he said.

The Stimson, Franklin and St. Marys gates will be closed today and 100 percent vehicle inspection will follow when gates reopen. The last day of the drill is Wednesday.

Those trying to conduct business on base may also be affected. The Navy Exchange, commissary and base gym are closed today.

Housing residents, school buses, Navy Lodge guests and employees, Child Development patrons and people with medical or other appointments will enter and exit through the Jackson Gate, on Georgia Spur 40 near Crooked River Elementary School.

Navy officials said the exercise does not involve nuclear weapons or radioactive materials, nor does it reflect an increased likelihood that a real accident might occur.

gordon.jackson@jacksonville.com, (912) 729-3672

DRILL REPORT: NORAD trains over the Florida Keys 11/3/10 November 2, 2010

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I’ll hopefully get a large Drill Digest out by the weekend. There are several drills going on and our military is moving into place all over the planet.

— Silver

DRILL REPORT: NORAD trains over the Florida Keys 11/3/10

Where: Florida Keys
When: November 3, 2010
Source: http://www.miamiheral…

NORAD plans training drill over Florida Keys
Associated Press

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. — The North American Aerospace Defense Command is conducting training flights over the Florida Keys.

NORAD says aircraft will practice interception and identification procedures Tuesday afternoon, weather permitting.

People who live near Naval Air Station Key West may see or hear fighter jets near another aircraft playing the role of a “track of interest.”

NORAD, based at Peterson Air Force Base, Colo., is a joint U.S.-Canadian command that patrols the skies over North America.

DRILL REPORT: Navy’s PANFLUEX 2010 September 15, 2010

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DRILL REPORT: Navy’s PANFLUEX 2010 Sept. 15-16, 2010

Where: Portsmouth Naval Medical Center
When: September 15-16, 2010
Who: US Navy
Source: http://hamptonroads.c…

Navy to test its ability to vaccinate masses in a pandemic
Kate Wiltrout
The Virginian-Pilot
September 15, 2010

NORFOLK–It may be part of an exercise, but have no doubt: The needles in this simulated pandemic flu scenario are real. And so are the deltoids of thousands of sailors to be immunized in coming days as part of a test of the Navy’s capacity to “surge” huge quantities of vaccines to its work force.

Every military exercise gets a name, typically by shortening key words and condensing the spaces between them. The first phase of PANFLUEX – short for pandemic flu exercise – begins today, when nurses and corpsmen from Portsmouth Naval Medical Center will fan out to local military medical clinics. Their goal is to vaccinate about 6,000 “mission essential personnel” within 48 hours.

“Primarily, the first part of the exercise is getting health care workers vaccinated,” said Rebecca Perron, a spokeswoman for the medical center. “If it were the real thing, we would get 60,000 doses and have 48 hours to administer them.”

Because this is the first time medical center personnel are attempting such a large-scale, real-world exercise, she said, they’re doing the immunizations in batches over the coming weeks.

Ultimately, some 60,000 active duty personnel working at shore commands will receive flu vaccines as part of PANFLUEX. That’s a little less than half the doses the medical center plans on administering this year. The rest will go to military family members.

Those flu shots will be available later this month, Perron said. Family members will not be immunized as part of the exercise.

In the exercise’s three final phases, medical personnel won’t wait for patients to come to them. Corpsmen and nurses will head to local bases and commands and set up miniature clinics. They will attempt to inoculate 20,000 people in a 24-hour period.

Sailors assigned to local ships will get their flu shots from their ships’ medical departments and are not part of the exercise, Perron said.

Kate Wiltrout, (757) 446-2629, kate.wiltrout@pilotonline.com

Drill Report Digest 9/14/10 September 14, 2010

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September 14, 2010

DRILL REPORT: Guardian Shield ’10
When: August 17-20, 2010
Who: US and NATO partners
Source: http://www.army.mil/-…

DRILL REPORT: Air Force arctic training
Arctic Circle
When: August 20-21, 2010
Who: US Air Force
Source: http://www.af.mil/new…

DRILL REPORT: NORAD capability drill (Delaware)
When: September 9, 2010
Source: http://www.norad.mil/…
Note: This is a new type of drill and has been appearing in the past month. This is unusual. Others were conducted in California and Canada.

DRILL REPORT: NORAD’s Falcon Virgo 10-12
Washington D.C.
When: September 20, 2010 (midnight to 2 am)
Who: NORAD, Federal Aviation Administration, the National Capital Region Coordination Center, the Joint Air Defense Operations Center, Civil Air Patrol, U.S. Coast Guard and CONR’s Western Air Defense Sector.

DRILL REPORT: US Army North/55th Civil Support Team decontamination drill in Best Buy corporate headquarters
Minneapolis, Minnesota
When: August 25, 2010
Who: US Army North, 55th Civil Support Team (Minnesota Army National Guard), Richfield police and fire departments
Source: http://www.northcom.m…
Note: Notice that Best Buy was a partner in this drill involving the military and indeed let it take place in their corporate headquarters! Boycott Best Buy.

DRILL REPORT: Valiant Shield 2010
Palau to Guam
When: September 12-21, 2010
Who: US Navy, Essex Amphibious Ready Group, George Washington Carrier Strike Group, 13th Air Force Expeditionary Wing and the US Marine Corps and Air Force
Source: http://www.navy.mil/s…
Note: This is another interoperability drill.

DRILL REPORT: Lincoln Carrier Strike Group exercise
In Transit to areas of responsibility in Indian and Pacific Oceans
When: September 11-??, 2010
Who: Lincoln Carrier Strike Group, US Navy
Source: http://www.navy.mil/s…
Note: Notice, again, that this is all about testing computer systems and “cyberspace” interoperability. Sounds like prep for open WWIII to me.

DRILL REPORT: US/Australia’s Southern Frontier
When: September 2-??, 2010
Who: US and Australian forces
Source: http://www.marines.mi…

DRILL REPORT: NORAD capability drill (Florida)
When: September 14, 2010
Source: http://www.norad.mil/…
Note: This is a new type of drill and has been appearing in the past month. This is unusual. Others were conducted in California, Canada, and Delaware.

DRILL REPORT DIGEST — 9/2/10 September 2, 2010

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September 2, 2010

Drill Report Calendar

Notice the Interoperability Drills and our heavy involvement in South America and Asia. — Silver

DRILL REPORT: Empire Challenge 2010
When: July 26-August 13, 2010
Who: US Air Force, Army, Navy and Marine Corps, as well as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, and Japan
Source: http://www.af.mil/new…
This was an interoperability drill (C4ISR type technology).

When: August 16-30, 2010
Who: Navy Sea, Air, Land (SEAL) and Special Warfare Combatant Craft Crewman, SOUTHCOM, Panama forces and other South American forces
Source: http://www.navy.mil/s…

DRILL REPORT: Pacific Endeavor
When: August 16-27, 2010
Who: US Marines, PACCOM, and 16 Asia-Pacific nations
Source: http://www.marines.mi…

DRILL REPORT: Exercise Ulchi Freedom Guardian 2010
When: August 18-22, 2010
Who: Republic of Korea and US
Source: http://www.breitbart….

The hundreds of augmentees representing all Department of Defense service branches and skill sets began “just-in-time” training for the world’s largest command and control computer simulation exercise that began Aug. 16.

DRILL REPORT: Operation Pacific Angel-Sri Lanka
When: August 14-22, 2010
Who: U.S., Sri Lanka, the Maldives and Mongolia
Source: http://www.af.mil/new…

DRILL REPORT: Second Alliance Combined Naval Exercise
When: August 20, 2010
Who: Republic of Korea and US
Source: http://www.usfk.mil/u…

DRILL REPORT: NORAD’s Response Test — Central California
Fresno, Victorville, and Palmdale, California
When: August 24, 2010
Source: http://www.norad.mil/…

DRILL REPORT: NORAD’s Response Test — Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN
When: August 26, 2010
Source: http://www.northcom.m…

DRILL REPORT: USS Denver Disaster Drill
Yokosuka, Japan
When: August 29, 2010
Who: US Navy
Source: http://www.navy.mil/s…

DRILL REPORT: Citadel Rumble Exercise
Northwest, Midwest, Southwest sectors
When: August 30-September 2, 2010
Who: US Navy
Source: http://www.navy.mil/s…

DRILL REPORTS: Military Drill Reports August 23, 2010

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For the sake of everyone’s inbox and to save time, I’m going to start putting multiple drill reports into one digest unless the drill of particular significance. All drills will be posted individually on the Drill Report Calendar. The source links are provided if you would like additional information about the drills. Apologies for falling behind on the drill reports.

— Silver

DRILL REPORT: NORAD’s multiple exercise coordination Aug 19, 2010

Where: Northern California, Sacramento, California, northern Alberta and southwestern Alaska.
When: August 19, 2010
Who: NORAD and others
Source: http://www.norad.mil/…

DRILL REPORT: NORAD’s Falcon Virgo 10-11 Aug 25-26, 2010

Where: Washington DC, National Capital Region
When: August 25-26, 2010 (11:30p-5:30a)
Who: NORAD, FAA, the National Capital Region Coordination Center, the Joint Air Defense Operations Center, Civil Air Patrol, U.S. Coast Guard and CONR’s Eastern Air Defense Sector.
Source: http://www.norad.mil/…

DRILL REPORT: 911th Engineer Company (Technical Rescue) interagency training July 19-20, 2010

Where: Gallagher, W. Va
When: July 19-30, 2010
Who: “911th Engineer Company (Technical Rescue) along with interagency partners”
Source: http://www.army.mil/-…
Note: This unit is assigned to the Washington DC area only. The unit was renamed for their efforts at Ground Zero following 9/11. They specialize in urban disaster rescue.

DRILL REPORT: US/Mongolian Khaan Quest 2010 Aug 8-29, 2010

Where: Ulaanbaatar and Five Hills Training Area, Mongolia
When: August 8-29, 2010
Who: US Army, Alaska National Guard, Mongolian troops (emphasis on medical personnel)
Source: http://www.army.mil/-…

DRILL REPORT: Air Force/Local interagency firefighter training July 27, 2010

Where: Moody Air Force Base, Georgia
When: July 27, 2010
Who: Moody Air Force Base Fire Fighters, Valdosa Fire Department (possibly others from Moody, Valdosta, and Albany, Ga.)
Source: http://www.moody.af.m…
Video: http://www.af.mil/new…

DRILL REPORT: US/NATO Allied Strike Aug 2-5, 2010

Where: Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany
When: August 2-5, 2010
Who: US and five European nations
Source: http://www.af.mil/new…

DRILL REPORT: Air Force’s Operation Everest August 16-22, 2010

Southeast Asia
When: August 16-22, 2010 (Note: exact dates not given, but it is a week long exercise in which August 17th, was one of those days)
Who: US Air Force
Source: http://www.af.mil/new…

DRILL REPORT: US/Singapore’s Commando Sling 2010 July

Where: Paya Lebar Air Base, Singapore
When: July 2010
Who: US and Singaporean Air Forces
Source: http://www.af.mil/new…
Additional Info on Commando Sling: http://www.globalsecu…

DRILL REPORT: US/Costa Rican Humanitarian effort Continuing Promise 2010 Aug 21-31, 2010

Limon, Costa Rica
When: August 21-31, 2010
Who: US and Costa Rican forces (Marines, Navy, others)
Source: http://www.marines.mi…

DRILL REPORT: US/NATO train Georgians Aug 17-Sept 17, 2010

Where: Hohenfels, Germany
When: Aug 17-Sept 17, 2010
Who: US, NATO and Georgian forces
Source: http://www.marines.mi…

DRILL REPORT: Camp Pendleton’s Vector West Aug 12, 2010

Camp Pendleton, California
When: August 12, 2010
Who: US Marines
Scenario: “This year’s scenario involved an incident at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station.”
Source: http://www.marines.mi…

DRILL REPORT: Air Force’s Exercise Global Gem July 31-Sept 2, 2010

Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla.
When: July 31-September 2, 2010
Who: US Air Force
Source: http://www.air-attack…

DRILL REPORT: LA agencies drill for nuclear terrorist attack in Operation Golden Phoenix 2010 July 28, 2010

Where: Los Angeles, California
When: July 28, 2010
Who: Los Angeles Office of Emergency Management, Los Angeles County Chief Executive Office, the City of Los Angeles Emergency Management Department, Los Angeles Department of Public Health, Ventura County officials; Sponsored by: U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Science and Technology Directorate and facilitated by the Naval Postgraduate School Center for Asymmetric Warfare.
Source: http://webcache.googl…

DRILL REPORT: US/South Korea Yellow Sea Exercise Sept 2010

Where: Yellow Sea
When: Early September 2010
Who: US/South Korean navies
Source: http://www.navy.mil/s…

DRILL REPORT: DoD’s humanitarian New Horizons Panama 2010 exercise June 29 – Sept 21, 2010 August 3, 2010

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I’ve had to dig up several articles to fully piece this one together. One news article says it’s an “assistance program” while another says it’s an exercise, which is why I’m putting this in a Drill Report.

Again, why are our armed forces so concerned with heading to south Central America and South America? Notice that the medical teams are training again. I’ve been watching military drills closely for a year now. I have only seen a handful of medical drills, yet in the past month, we’ve had two drills (this one and Global Medic) that have the medical teams training.

Other tidbits not in this article about New Horizons Panama 2010 (links are to other news stories):

Global Medic 2010 was also a Dept. of Defense wide drill for medical personnel. If you’ve been on other patriot websites, you know about the FDA list of medication shortages. With the placement of the troops and the types of drills going on, it looks more and more like preparation for war.

— Silver

DRILL REPORT: DoD’s humanitarian New Horizons Panama 2010 exercise June 29 – Sept 21, 2010

Where: Panama
When: June 29-September 21, 2010
Who: All branches of the Department of Defense

Combat communications team supports New Horizons Panama 2010
Tech. Sgt. Eric Petosky
New Horizons Panama 2010 Public Affairs
August 2, 2010

METETI, Panama (AFNS) — An 11-person team from the 32nd Combat Communications Squadron from Tinker Air Force Base, Okla., is deployed to Meteti, Panama, to bring phone and data service to engineers and support personnel participating in New Horizons Panama 2010.

New Horizons Panama 2010 is a U.S. Southern Command sponsored humanitarian assistance exercise designed to provide medical care and quality-of-life improvement projects for the people of Panama.

After supporting earthquake relief operations in Haiti, this is the second deployment supporting a 12th Air Force (Air Forces Southern) mission this year for the squadron, but setting up communications at austere locations is the bread and butter of the unit.

“There is no other type of communications unit that can set up equipment in a place that was previously just an empty field and provide a full communication suite within hours,” said 1st Lt. Charles Cadwell, the 32nd CBCS officer in charge. “We are serving 200-plus customers, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and you can see the impact we’re having every day.”

Lieutenant Cadwell explained the 32nd CBCS is one of four squadrons at Tinker AFB that specialize in setting up bare-base communications at deployed locations. It takes 13 short tons of equipment loaded on pallets and in containers to make the mission happen. The equipment is pre-configured and stored to expedite rapid response, and communications packages can be tailored to suit customer requirements at each unique mission location.

“Other than food, fuel and water, we deploy with everything we need to completely sustain ourselves and the mission,” said Master Sgt. Rodney Norman, the 32nd CBCS NCO in charge. “That includes satellite and networking equipment, computer servers, phones, laptops, printers, radios — even the tents and power generators.”

After the unit arrived June 13, it only took 19 hours to have secure and un-secure data and phone service available to New Horizons Panama personnel, Sergeant Norman said. The communications specialists on the team also travel to each of the six work sites every day with mobile satellite radios so engineers can communicate with the base camp.

Senior Airman Cesar Morales, a cyber operations technician, said the work is fulfilling because of the crucial role communications plays in the mission

“From troop morale and force protection, to coordinating medical assistance for Airmen during an emergency, our team impacts the lives of every Airman, Soldier, Marine or Sailor involved in New Horizons in some way or another,” he said. “It feels amazing to be part of it.”

For Lieutenant Cadwell, the impact New Horizons has on schools and medical clinics in the Darien region of Panama holds special meaning.

“It’s incredible to watch the difference in the everyday lives of the children and communities that are benefitting from the projects that we’re supporting,” he said. “To be a part of an exercise that has such positive long-term effects on people’s lives is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us.”

In total, four schools and two medical clinics will be renovated by a force of Air Force and Army engineers. Additionally, five medical teams will deploy for two-week rotations in the towns of Chitre, Veraguas, and David to provide care in the fields of ophthalmology, ear, nose and throat surgery, and dentistry.

Since New Horizons started in the mid-1980’s, Airmen and members of SOUTHCOM have built schools and community centers, dug wells, provided medical care and constructed clinics year after year in the spirit of cooperation and friendship.

All of these missions revolve around SOUTHCOM officials’ ongoing commitment to theater security cooperation, and are requested by the host nations. By sharing experiences, information, vital skills, tactics and techniques, the U.S.continues to build enduring partnerships with nations in Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean.

DRILL REPORT: Red Flag 10-4 exercise July 18 – 31, 2010 August 3, 2010

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The article does not give a start date for the Red Flag exercise. In the past they are usually 2 weeks long. I have assumed this in the date.

— Silver

DRILL REPORT: Red Flag 10-4 exercise July 18 – 31, 2010

Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada
When: July 18-31, 2010
Who: U.S. armed forces, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Singapore and NATO

Red Flag provides unique training opportunities
Airman 1st Class Daniel Phelps
Red Flag 10-4 Public Affairs via the Nellis Air Force Base website
July 27, 2010

NELLIS AIR FORCE BASE, Nev. — Four times per year, U.S. forces and allies from around the world gather at “The Home of the Fighter Pilot” to participate in Red Flag and gain coalition air combat experiences in a peacetime environment.

They fly together on the Nevada Test and Training Range here, the U.S. Air Force’s premiere military training area with more than 12,000 square miles of airspace and 2.9 million acres of land. The NTTR also includes 1,900 possible targets, realistic threat systems and an opposing enemy force that cannot be replicated anywhere in the world.

During Red Flag 10-4, more than 500 personnel are launching over 70 aircraft, ranging from F-15s and F-16s to EA-6Bs, EA-18Gs, E-3s, F/A-18s, and MC-130s, twice per day and KC-135s are pumping around 150,000 gallons of fuel daily.

Participating in this Red Flag 10-4 are members from all branches of the U.S. armed forces, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Singapore and NATO.

“Red Flag provides challenging scenarios, and only through teamwork and the integration of all the assets deployed to Red Flag can we succeed,” said Col. Don Godier, 20th Fighter Wing vice commander and Air Expeditionary Wing commander for Red Flag. “No single aircraft can handle the tactical challenges that Red Flag presents and this provides the opportunity to fly with coalition partners and prepare for future high intensity conflicts.”

Red Flag also provides unique training for more than just pilots because it replicates the full spectrum of threats.

“This exercise covers most scenarios, strategies and tactics that could occur and as an intelligence officer, it is rare to get war situation training,” said Hungarian Air Force Capt. Victor Nemeti, from NATO Squadron 2, Geilenkirchen, Germany. “We had meetings with all of the units here. It was good to have all the intelligence communities come together and share their experience and questions. We were able to learn a lot from the others. It is an amazing learning opportunity.”

“From the number of aircraft here to support the coalition effort and even the weather and climate at Nellis, all of this combines to makes this training valuable,” said Canadian Air Force Maj. Ed Roberds, the NATO deployed forces commander. “Red Flag creates an opportunity to bring the crew into a multinational environment.”

Red Flag 10-4 runs through July 31.

DRILL REPORT: US/South Korean exercise Invincible Spirit July 25-28, 2010 August 3, 2010

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Please note the following about this exercise.

  • This is the first of several exercises.
  • As reported in this Washington Post article on July 23, 2010, North Korea is threatening the use of nuclear weapons if the US and South Korea continue these exercises.
  • Notice the similarity to the South Korean ship incident that occurred back in March of this year.

The US has a large contingent of military doing “exercises” near or around the South American continent. The US military also has a large group in the Middle East. If the war with Iran kicks off, the Straights of Hormuz will be interdicted, meaning that the US will not get Middle Eastern oil. As others who are far more knowledgeable of grand chessboard than I have said, this is the perfect location for the US military should the rogue US government decide to attack Venezuela for their oil (which the US government would need to do in order to fight a world war with Iran, Russia, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, and any other country the global elite bankers feel like attacking). South Korea would also be a good location to have a few ships if you want to monitor what China is doing, what Russia is doing, and if you need to attack a few key military locations (to prevent missiles from hitting the West Coast most likely).

Iran, for those who aren’t aware, does have a treaty/alliance with Russia should Iran be attacked. The US military currently surrounds Iran on all sides. If Iran is attacked, Russia has stated they would be willing to attack the US mainland. It’s the Cold War all over again, except the average person is clueless as to how dangerous all this is. Unlike the Cold War propaganda war, this will go hot.

I’m no military expert, but it’s pretty darn obvious that the chess pieces (who are OUR sons and daughters) are being moved into place for World War III. The financial system MUST collapse and they’ll need a big diversion to keep us all in line while having the rest of the populace follow the leader blindly.

— Silver

DRILL REPORT: US/South Korean exercise Invincible Spirit July 25-28, 2010

Where: Kunsan Air Base, South Korea
When: July 25-28, 2010
Who: US and South Korean Navies and Air Forces
Scenario: “The exercise is in response to the unprovoked attack on, and sinking of, a small South Korean warship off the west coast of the South Korean peninsula. Forty-six South Korean sailors were killed in the North Korean torpedo attack on the vessel.”

Kunsan Airmen participate in Invincible Spirit exercise
Staff Sgt. Amanda Savannah
8th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
August 2, 2010

KUNSAN AIR BASE, South Korea (AFNS) — Members of the 35th and 80th Fighter Squadrons here flew a total of 20 sorties July 25 through 28 in support of Exercise Invincible Spirit, the first in a planned series of South Korean and U.S. Forces Korea combined naval exercises.

The exercise is in response to the unprovoked attack on, and sinking of, a small South Korean warship off the west coast of the South Korean peninsula. Forty-six South Korean sailors were killed in the North Korean torpedo attack on the vessel.

“Invincible Spirit is defensive in nature and designed to dissuade and deter further provocations from North Korea,” said Lt. Gen. Jeffrey A. Remington, the 7th Air Force commander. “Our message is that we are here to deter aggression, should North Korea determine that they want to continue down this path.”

The 80th FS flew 12 sorties for a total of 22 hours July 26 and 27, and the 35th FS flew eight sorties for a total of 20 hours July 27 and 28.

“We successfully defended our targets in our area of responsibility from the aggressors,” said Lt. Col. James Wilkerson, the 80th FS commander. “We inflicted seven air losses without losing any of our own. We also worked in concert with our (South Korean) counterparts to turn the AOR over to them so they could continue defending the area.”

Additionally, many support agencies from the 8th Operations Group participated in the exercise.

Members of the 8th Operations Support Squadron aircrew flight equipment sections in each squadron provided the pilots with equipment they might need in the event of an emergency.

“We provided the pilots with survival vests with radios and GPS equipment, night-vision goggles for the night flights, and seat harnesses to strap them to their seats,” said Senior Airman Anisah Lavine, an 8th OSS AFE technician. “We also issued them weapons and the aircrew chemical defense equipment for their protection during the wartime scenarios.”

The 8th OSS airfield operations flight Airmen ensured the aircraft departed on time and without incident during the increased flightline activity.

Airmen in the radar approach control section extended their duty days, and the air traffic control tower required additional manning and extended shifts to help keep the pilots safe during the extended flying windows, said 1st Lt. Andrew Jinings, the 8th OSS airfield operations flight operations officer.

The 8th OSS weather flight Airmen kept their eyes on the sky during the exercise.

“From the time the pilots take off until the time they land, we mission watch them,” said Tech. Sgt. Katrina Blanchard, the NCO in charge of the weather flight. “We have dedicated weather forecasters in each squadron providing weather support for the missions based on their location, during this exercise as well as real world.”

Airmen from the 8th OG intelligence flight kept the pilots informed of any useful information coming from North Korea.

“We read daily intelligence for any rhetoric from our adversaries and passed the information on to the pilots,” said Staff Sgt. Krystal Tokarz, the 8th OG NCO in charge of intelligence operations and analysis. “We provide this information on a daily basis as well.”

Gen. Walter Sharp, the United Nations Command, Combined Forces Command and U.S. Forces Korea commander, thanked military members for their hard work and participation.

“I want to thank the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Department of Defense civilians of United States Forces Korea for your selflessness, vigilance and hard work in the aftermath of the unprovoked North Korean attack on the (South Korean) naval ship Cheonan,” General Sharp said. “More than any weapons system, it is your teamwork, training and devotion to duty that deters North Korean aggression. I also want to thank you for successfully planning and resourcing a large exercise like Invincible Spirit on such short notice. Your achievement lets our adversaries and their leadership know that we are an agile, adaptive force capable of taking on any challenge.”