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Guilty Until Proven Innocent: SLO County Expands Orwellian Nanny/Police State January 3, 2011

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Guilty Until Proven Innocent: SLO County Expands Orwellian Nanny/Police State
SoCal Martial Law Alerts
January 3, 2011

SAN LUIS OBISPO, California — As if it weren’t bad enough that San Luis Obispo County Sheriff candidate elect, Ian Parkinson, and his former opponent, Joe Cortez, openly admitted on public access TV during the 2010 General Election campaign that the county’s law enforcement officers routinely violate the due process rights of the people whom they arrest for the sake of convenience (see California Penal Code Section 849(a)):

SCMLA Questions SLO County Sheriff’s Candidates 9/29/10

On December 1, 2010, the City of San Luis Obispo Police Department (SLOPD) began publishing the full name and mugshot of each and every person who was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) on SLOPD’s Facebook account:

Not one of these people have been convicted of any crime and yet their photographs and real names are now publicly available on Facebook, which makes it ridiculously easy to find additional personal information on those who have been arrested and to permanently damage their reputations, not to mention that it opens the City of San Luis Obispo up to possible defamation suits:

“Defamation. Holding up of a person to ridicule, scorn or contempt in a respectable and considerable part of the community; may be criminal as well as civil. Includes both libel and slander.” — Black’s Law Dictionary, Fifth Edition

In yet another Orwellian turn of the screw, SLOPD announced on November 30, 2010 that law enforcement officers would be “contacting drivers with good driving habits” over the holidays in order to “say thanks for making our streets a lot safer.” According to SLOPD, the “thank you” would be in the form of a certificate for a “free holiday turkey” from Food-4-Less Supermarket.

“So now i can be ‘contacted’ (pulled over) for not only breaking the laws but following them as well?” — Steven Conroy, Facebook user

So, let’s see if we understand this. We are now living in a Nanny/Police State where:

Good drivers get the turkey award?

And (alleged) bad drivers get their name in lights?


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