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SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY REPORT: Cee Howe observes F-16s over Las Vegas 11/4/10 November 4, 2010

Posted by scmla in Suspicious Activity Report.

Additional notes:
We have observed F-16s flying over Fresno during the national Tea Party on April 10, 2010. We have observed military planes taking off from municipal airports in Fresno and even the media reports of planes landing here in SLO for what amounted to a show-and-tell day for Cal Poly students. The chem trails have also been heavy and non-stop all day today in SLO.



Observed by Cee Howe on November 4, 2010:

Today, at exactly 1:20 PM as I was driving North on Maryland Parkway, in the Paradise Valley area of Clark County, Las Vegas, I saw what looked to be 3 F-16 Green painted aircraft flying very low from a Northeast direction (of Nellis AFB) toward McCarren Int’l. Airport with their landing gear (wheels) down. I have lived in central Las Vegas for two decades and have never seen this before. I cannot think of a reason why military jets would fly from the air force base to a commercial airport.

Additionally…….I forgot to mention that the above F-16 Aircraft flew amid the Chem-Trail filled sky today. The weekend and Monday through Wednesday were clear but last week the Chem-Trails were deposited every day of the week. Today it started up again with a vengence. It goes on the entire day until the once clear azure blue sky has a milky white film covering it and then they still continue to excrete more Chem-Trails. Is it this bad in southern California also? Or are they just using the Las Vegas Valley as a laboratory experiment?


1. Demensha23 - November 22, 2010

2 F-16’s flew over Benicia CA Nov 22, at approx 11:30 am. Altitude was around 3,000ft and they had aux fuel tanks(belly tanks) and sidewinder missiles. I read a tweet that these aircraft were spotted over Ocean Beach in San Francisco a bit earlier. I have seen F-16’s before WITHOUT the missiles.It alarms me to see them armed, as there is usually a good reason to scramble these birds “hot”. There are two fighter groups the 144th and 194th of the Air National Guard based out of Fresno CA. A reasonable explanation is a high level dignitaries jet escort? Or was that really a missile launch and not a jet contrail off of Socal Nov 9? I saw these fighters with my own two eyes and can draw my own conclusion.

scmla - November 23, 2010

Thank you for reporting this and reporting it so thoroughly. I’ve sent it out to all our groups and sister sites. Long live the Republic!

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