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CHECKPOINT ALERT: DUI / ID, Los Angeles, Florence Ave FRIDAY 10/22 October 22, 2010

Posted by scmla in Checkpoint Alert.

Thanks to Jay for the head’s up on this one!

Also, the ID portion of the checkpoint is illegal according to case law (they’re BOTH illegal according to the Constitution!), there’s an unconscionable profit motive for conducting these checkpoints due to the revenue generated by car seizures (no judge, no jury, no due process — they just take your car!) and the money trail for these checkpoints always leads back to federal sources.

Remember, in California, they must provide a turn-around area so that you don’t have to go through the checkpoint at all. Also, if you do the research, you can find lots of DUI attorney advice on the web about how to conduct yourself on a DUI stop. It is common knowledge that you do not have to cooperate with field sobriety testing. Personally, I would not cooperate with any of it. “I do not consent to a search of my person, nor my property. I reserve my right to silence.”

— Kim M.

Once again, the LAPD will be wasting your tax dollars with a DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoint tonight Friday Oct. 22 from 8 P.M. – 2 A.M. at Florence Avenue between Broadway and Main Street Los Angeles.

We all know that this isn’t about finding drunk drivers as very few impaired drivers are found through these checkpoints. Second, these checkpoints require a huge outlay of resources as most of the officers involved are on overtime. Third, studies have shown that police on regular patrol duty have a better chance of keeping drunk drivers off the road than police officers who conduct DUI checkpoints.

At any rate, if you don’t want your time as well as your money wasted, stay away from the above area tonight.



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