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Lindsey Williams: Keep Your Eyes On Russia and China October 21, 2010

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Today Lindsey Williams reiterated a possibility we had previously set forth in our Banking Collapse Scenario alert — namely, that someday soon we might all wake up to find zero bank balances …

— Kim M.

Lindsey Williams: Keep Your Eyes On Russia and China
SoCal Martial Law Alerts
October 21, 2010

Today former Alaska pipeline chaplain, Lindsey Williams, appeared on the Alex Jones show and detailed the latest inside information from his oil-industry source who is dying from terminal cancer. Topics covered by Williams included: The latest on the financial collapse; the likelihood of martial law (especially in the aftermath of a cyber attack); the certainty of war with Iran, and; persecution of the church.

According to Williams’ source, the dollar is going to have a quick and accelerated death with the complete phasing out of the dollar by 2012. Accelerating this process even further is the new oil and natural gas agreement between Russia and China, which does not have a dollar amount on it, because the two countries are no longer brokering gas deals in dollars. Since Russia and China have started the trend away from using dollars, Williams said, this will lead other nations to abandon the dollar as well. Also along these lines, Williams warned that crude oil shall once again go to $150-$200 per barrel like it did in mid-2008. This will result in $4-$5 per gallon gasoline and will further grind the already-depressed economy to a complete halt. By 2012, Williams further elaborated, nearly everyone in America will be working for the government, because they’ll be the only employer around.

Meanwhile, on Wall Street, insider trading has quadrupled in less than three weeks with insider trading in mid-September being at 400 to 1 (400 insider trades to 1 public trade) and then jumped sharply in the first week of October to 1600 to 1. In short, Williams said, corporate America’s CEOs are cashing out en masse.

On Main Street, however, the mortgage crisis is picking up steam and preparing to fully crush our entire financial system along with undermining all property rights, both residential and commercial. As Williams articulated, the elite planned this crisis back in the 1980s and created the Mortgage Backed Securities (deriviatives) scam. In other words, since the banks have sold and re-sold mortgages over and over again, the titles to most properties are not free and clear. As a result, even though “homeowners” have mortgaged their houses, these houses’ official ownership will be in question for many years to come. In the meantime, banks are fraudulently foreclosing on properties they have no right to. Moreover, as Alex Jones added, there is a bill that has passed Congress (and remains unsigned by President Obama), which will allow banks to seize even paid-for properties that they do not have title to. The mortgage crisis is now fully coming to light and some academics have put the total amount of the fraud as high as $45 trillion. The “solution,” Williams elaborated, will be that the banking system will require another $2-$7 trillion bailout and full government regulation/ownership of all property everywhere. In summary, Jones added, the Federal government will own every property in the country that ever had a mortgage.

Williams also gave a brief update on the BP oil spill by saying that the well had been capped, but the full extent of the disaster has been, and will continue to be, hidden from the American public. The disaster will have a lasting effect, he said.

William’s source also warned that the war with Iran is certain to happen and will start in the next 4-5 months. The elite really want a conflict in the Middle East, he said. Other tidbits covered included the announcement today by Janet Napolitano that the Department of Homeland Security is deeply concerned about a “cyber attack” on America. Meanwhile, Congress is forcing through Internet “kill-switch” legislation.

It’s interesting to note that all of Williams’ inside information is appearing at a time when the “info war” is transitioning into a “cyber war” and the elite are openly beginning implementation of their endgame to: Depopulate the entire planet; bring in world government, and; establish their one-world religion in which Christians and other monotheists will be considered the enemy.



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