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SCMLA Throws Hardball Questions at SLO County Sheriff’s Candidates October 10, 2010

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SCMLA Throws Hardball Questions at SLO County Sheriff’s Candidates
SoCal Martial Law Alerts
September 29, 2010

SAN LUIS OBISPO, California — At a recent Sheriff Candidate’s Forum held at the Embassy Suites Hotel in San Luis Obispo, California, SoCal Martial Law Alerts (SCMLA) asked the tough questions of two candidates running for Sheriff, Ian Parkinson and Joe Cortez.

SCMLA Questions SLO County Sheriff’s Candidates 9/29/10

The Forum, which was broadcast live on local radio, consisted entirely of audience questions directed toward the two Sheriff’s candidates. Audience members submitted questions on 3 X 5 index cards, which were then vetted by League of Women Voters volunteers. Of the 35 questions asked of the Sheriff’s candidates — most of which were softball questions — SCMLA managed to throw five hardballs.

The five questions SCMLA managed to get past the censors:

  • Are you aware, according to code, that an arresting officer is supposed to take an arrested person directly to a magistrate before taking them to jail?
  • President Bush signed a law that in the event of a national emergency the President can assume control of law enforcement. This went through the Department of Homeland Security. How would you seek to maintain local control when the federal government would seek to direct the Sheriff’s department?
  • What’s your opinion on an incident that took place in 2008 where deputies responded to a shots-fired call and eventually opened a locked safe and confiscated several guns. The opening of the safe was done without a search warrant. Can you comment on this please?
  • My question is regarding abusive searches and seizures. As evidenced by the previous leadership, some deputies either knowingly, or unknowingly, followed orders that were illegal. How would you seek to train deputies to recognize Constitutional and unconstitutional orders?
  • How would you seek to protect citizens privacy with regard to DNA databases?

Please note on Question One that both candidates admit to breaking the laws regarding due process for the sake of convenience.

Also worth noting: SCMLA’s five questions had not been asked of the Sheriff’s candidates during previous Forums, so the candidates were not able to give pat, or practiced answers. This became most apparent with the PDD-51 question, which candidate Cortez completely avoided answering and instead gave a rather cryptic treatise on the importance of titles, especially his.

The forum was sponsored by the League of Women Voters and the San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Advisory Council. There were about 150 people in attendance.


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