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SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY REPORT: Cal observes excessive police state activity Missouri 9/18/10 October 1, 2010

Posted by scmla in Suspicious Activity Report.

NOTE: Please read the “Basic Speed Law” for your respective States. You will note that there is NO mention of obeying posted speed limits. Nothing. The speed “limit” is left to the discretion of the driver (or “traveler,” for those of you who know about the unalienable right to travel). And so, if that’s true, then how could anyone get a ticket for anything related to speed????? Time to wake up to the scam, people.

— Kim M.

Suspicious Activity Report!

Observed by Cal on September 18, 2010 at ?:

Police State in Full Effect?

Yesterday while driving from Chicago to OK city, I noticed police out enmasse on I 44 both east and west. As soon as I got onto I-44 in St. Louis until the border of Oklahoma the police state was out in full force.
Just about every 10-20 miles there was one on the roadside. One copper was shooting cars with a radar gun, then ran and got in his car. I thought, uh oh. But he stopped a little red car. Then I drove by another copper and he quickly followed me, then passed and turned on his lights. A white SUV started to pull over, but he was after a bronze minivan. Then this female sheriff followed me near Rolla or Sullivan (not sure) and drove in my blindspot for awhile (probably checking out our plates to make sure I wasn’t drug mafia). Then she followed a little green truck in front of me for awhile. I think she was purposely harassing people, cuz everytime the truck pulled into the passing lane, she’d tail him, he’d get back into the right lane, and she tailed him for quite awhile.

The police must’ve had orders to write tickets to get money for their departments or they were looking specifically for something or someone. It looked like harassment to me. All in all, I probably saw at least 20 or more coppers on both sides of the highway for the length of the state.

Once in Oklahoma, I thought, whew, I’m safe for awhile. But the highway signs said speed limit 60- NO TOLERANCE. Now what the heck does that mean? Not 1 mile over the limit? Then the speed limit went up to 75-NO TOLERANCE .

Funny how when the economy was good, the police had tolerance and everyone was driving 90 MPH and not a copper to be seen. I’m not against enforcing the speeding laws. But I did not see anyone really speeding. They were stopping people for just a few miles over the limit.

Well, things change, but this is not the change I was looking for.


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