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Old Paths Conference: American Patriotism at its best October 6, 2009

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Old Paths Conference: American Patriotism at its best
SoCal Martial Law Alerts
October 5, 2009

For those who missed the 14th Annual Old Paths Christian Heritage Conference this past weekend at Kaweah, California (“Gateway to the Sequoias” — did we mention how beautiful it is?), we’d like to hit a few of the highlights for you now …

Over 230 people attended the Old Paths conference, which covered an entire day-&-a-half of patriotic &/or Christian themes. And, to the delight of the “old timers,” attendance was way up from previous years (yay! people really are waking up!) & they said that the crowds are not only getting bigger & bigger each year, but they keep getting younger & younger (perhaps fueled by the large contingent of Ron Paul supporters who were in attendance?)

But anyway, back to the beginning …

As we were pulling up to the church on Saturday morning, we couldn’t help but notice the dire warning to all public officials posted at the entrance to the driveway:

Which said:

Attention All Public Officials


The Land hereat is officially held in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. As such, it is officially in Law an Ecclesiastic Sanctuary, otherwise known as a Sacred Burial Ground and church Close. As an embassy of Christ in an ecclesiastical jurisdiction, we exercise ministerial powers, all rights of visitation, and asylum. We welcome all who come to worship, fellowship, and share in mutual edification.


This is a warning to any & all public officials that the church’s property is in fact not under the civil jurisdiction of petty kings & tyrants, but, rather, it is under the jurisdiction of God — naner, naner — &, as such, no petty bureaucrats, nor code enforcers, nor pests of any kind need bother entering therein. Ha. (For more information, do an IxQuick/StartPage search for: “Lordship church,” or “Free church movement”).

Hmm. We quite obviously were not in Kansas anymore.

Because, hey, any church that has their very own firing range & cemetery & can perform same-day funerals & burials on their very own land — much to the mucho mas consternation of the petty bureaucrats & code enforcers — can’t be all bad, now can they?

Of all the speakers at the conference, by far our favorite was Adam Brink.

Brink covered the very important, but little-known, connections between the Reformation & the American Revolution. Hearing how previous tyrants in the 1600s followed the very same patterns as they are today (up to & including: controlled health care, appointed “czars,” & standing armies) only goes to show how long the fight for liberty has really been going on & how predictable tyrants are — nothing new under the sun! (And, O, how pitiful & easy-to-exploit we are in our ignorance of history.) What really nailed it for us was when Brink described the slow, incremental process by which our ancestors lost their due process rights & how they railed against the powers that be: “You just want to intimidate us by build-up of defensive armory!” Because anyone who’s been following the G-20 news lately knows how out-of-control our militarized police & domestically-assigned military forces are. (Hello? There shouldn’t be any domestically-assigned military forces!)

Other speakers included:

  • Sheriff Richard Mack, who spoke on the Constitutional role of the sheriff & how he/she is the last line of defense between you, me & the federal government;
  • Pastors John Weaver & Warren Campbell, who each spoke on our Biblical duty to fight tyranny, as well as practical solutions to that end (such as the Constitutional concept of unorganized militias);
  • Creation Science Evangelism minister, Eric Hovind, spoke on Creation & Dinosaurs (much to the delight of the children attending) & explained how his parents were unjustly imprisoned due to a frame-up by the IRS (seems like there’s a lot of that going around these days!);
  • Firearms expert, Maciej Szczerbiak, gave two live demonstrations at the firing range, which, as we said before, is located on church property. (Yes, you read that right. A firing range on church property is only fitting for a congregation that practices open carry — & you haven’t lived until you’ve seen a packin’ Pastor!)

It is also interesting to note that Pastor Campbell has been trying for the past 3 months to lawfully enroll a local unorganized militia with the state of California (as provided for by the 1903 Dick Act) so that said militia can be afforded lawful protections by the state, but, so far, the judge has been ducking & dodging Campbell in an apparent effort to deny him & his militia their 2nd Amendment rights.

Needless to say, the weekend has left us way more educated, inspired, encouraged & equipped to fight tyranny & the (almost certain) specter of martial law.

It also left us with a wee bit of church envy.

Words that sparked the American Revolution: “We recognize no sovereign but God, and no King but Jesus!” — John Hancock & John Adams.


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