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This is What a Police State Looks Like October 2, 2009

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This is What a Police State Looks Like
September 28, 2009

Last week in Pittsburgh, the Group of 20 discussed, among other things, reforming the IMF (Providing liquidity to dictators and tyrants since 1944!) and resolved itself as the permanent world council for international economic cooperation, which is newspeak for the preservation of international economic oppression.

Whatever objective brings together the most powerful people from the most powerful nations in the world, is not wholesome. They do not have the people’s interests in mind because the their interests are not the people’s. So it is no wonder that a relatively diverse crowd showed up to protest the gathering darkness in Pittsburgh last week, where the Group of 20 met to discuss, among other things, reforming the IMF (Providing liquidity.

The powers that be do not like dissent. In particular, they do not like vocal, public displays of dissent which threaten to reveal their fraud. So thousands of hired guns, bought paid for with the people’s money were brought in to Pittsburgh last week to secure “order” and to silence the people’s voice of opposition.

The protesters, and many of the students at University of Pittsburgh saw firsthand what a police state looks like:

Unidentified police officers pose for a “trophy” photo with captive

The photo (taken from the video on YouTube) shows a group of heavily armed police officers posing for a group photo with one of their trophies captives. The purpose of staging such a photograph with someone who is “innocent until proven guilty” is psychological warfare. It is meant to intimidate, debase, and to humiliate the opposition. It is the exercise of physical strength and brute force. The motivation is pure malice, the sort of cream which rises to the top of the State’s violence gangs.

Right out loud, the students and protesters learned (if they hadn’t learned already) that the police were not there to protect them. The police arrived in Pittsburgh in their professional capacities as soldiers of fortune, hired guns and goons… After all, four thousand heavily armed and armored men do not storm in to your city and tear gas you for your own safety. They were not there to protect Pittsburgh from the G20, they were there to protect the G20 from Pittsburgh.



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