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Thousands opposed to G-20 march through Pittsburgh September 28, 2009

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Yes, even propaganda can be instructive …

There’s so much here in this AP report that I can’t even begin to deal with it all, but I found it particularly amusing that BHO was reported as saying that the protesters are “opposed to capitalism & free markets … ”

Now how would he know what they think, since the city of Pittsburgh was locked down, martial law was declared & police & military practically goose-stepped down city streets busting heads & ordering everyone to disperse “no matter your purpose?”

And this business about Americans being “opposed to capitalism & free markets” is really hysterical, considering that BHO appears to be opposed to them, too …

Ah, let the cognitive dissonance begin.

It’s the new sanity.

— Kim

P.S. My comments in [brackets].

Thousands opposed to G-20 march through Pittsburgh
Associated Press (via KDKA)
September 26, 2009

PITTSBURGH (AP) — A vociferous but peaceful group of several thousand people marched for miles through the downtown area on Friday, united by opposition to the Group of 20 summit but expressing a diversity of mostly liberal causes as an army of stone-faced riot police watched their every move.

[Mostly liberal causes? Peace, liberty & the demand for transparency are liberal causes?]

[Army of riot police? Army? Why did they phrase it that way? Nothing militaristic to see here. Move along.]

[Watched their every move? “Every move you make/Every breath you take/I’ll be watching youuuuu … ” Nothing creepy, stalker-ish, or 1984-ish about that!]

Dozens of black-clad anarchists were conspicuous among the demonstrators, but there was no sign of the disturbances that had resulted in arrests and property damage a day earlier.

Public safety officials said Friday night that 83 people were arrested at protests and other events and about $50,000 in property damage was done during the two-day summit, which ended Friday. They said a man who smashed store and business windows in the city’s Oakland section on Thursday night was responsible for about $20,000 in damage.

About 60 more people were arrested at an illegal gathering Friday night in the Oakland section of the city, near the University of Pittsburgh, police said early Saturday.

[An illegal gathering? Unless there’s an actual riot going on, there’s no such thing as an illegal gathering!]

The main message of Friday’s so-called Peoples’ March to the G-20 was a demand for solutions to the planet’s economic and environmental challenges different from those the world’s richest countries are pursuing. But there also was a strong contingent of anti-war protesters and those interested in such diverse issues as African debt relief, rejection of corporate subsidies and more humane child-labor laws.

[Main message? Says who? Note there are no names of leaders & no quotes!]

[Re: ” … African debt relief … humane child-labor laws?” Note that real Americans with real American issues (such as We Are Change) are not mentioned at all & this is despite the fact the We Are Change leader Luke Rudowski had a heroic stand-off with the police on Thursday. Pretty strange for an article that was written in America for an American audience!]

“We want money for jobs, not war, money to clean up the environment,” said Pete Shell, a protest organizer.

[Who is Pete Shell?! Why didn’t they quote someone with name recognition????? A “protest organizer?” For which group? There were dozens, if not hundreds, present at the summit!!!!!]

President Barack Obama said the protests had been relatively peaceful, adding that previous world summits drew far more protesters than came to Pittsburgh. He described many as opposing capitalism and free markets in general, and said he supported their freedom to express their views but disagreed with them.

[Relatively peaceful? It would have been all peaceful / all the time if the police & military had not been allowed to run wild!]

[Far more protestors? Maybe if the city had been left open to one & all to travel freely hither & yon & maybe if free speech had been allowed without restraint — as one would expect in the free-est country in the world! — maybe then more people would have (& could have) showed up? Because it’s kind of hard to attend an event in a city that’s been completely locked down & martial law declared! Just a thought.]

There also was a festive spirit in Friday’s crowd – colorful flags, bicyclists, a group of hula hoopers, a large parade puppet in the shape of a dove, a small brass band and a correspondent from Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” who drew a mini-crowd of his own.

[Festive spirit? Yay, the city’s been locked down! Yay, martial law has been declared! Yay, storm troopers have been goose-stepping through the streets indiscriminately attacking men, women & children with “less-lethal” weapons! Yay, we’re so free — they hate us for our freedoms!]

The march had been issued a city permit and organizers pledged to keep it nonviolent, a goal they stressed to participants, even though some were determined to test police restraint.

[Issued a city permit? Gack. The power to permit is also the power to deny & never mind the Constitution!]

A group of black-clad anarchists, their faces covered, faced a line of police officers and sang, “We all live in a fascist bully state” to the tune of the Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine.” Anarchists also came nose-to-nose with officers, to little effect.

[Why no mention of non-anarchist Luke Rudowski, who also came nose-to-nose with police for freedom’s sake?]

Leaders of 19 countries and the European Union were meeting downtown, in sight of the Andy Warhol Bridge. When the protesters reached the bridge, they stopped and shouted toward the summit. Some gestured obscenely; one woman on a bullhorn yelled, “Power to the people, not the G-20.”

At the park where the three-hour procession ended, volunteers dished beans, rice and salsa on tortillas out of pots and coolers while speakers talked of convicting the G-20 leaders of crimes against humanity.

[What speakers? Who? Isn’t this a news report? Where are the names?????]

Joshua Nichols, 24, of Telluride, Colo., drove 24 hours to participate. He described himself as a migrant who shovels snow in winter, cleans houses, works on an organic farm and teaches preschool in the summer.

“I am here because I think the G-20 is in part an organization among others that leads to the subjugation of people all over the world,” he said. “We need to stand up and say that we’re going to put an end to this or it’s going to get ugly.”

Ed Cloonan, 62, of Munhall, Pa., handing out signs in favor of a single-payer health care plan, said he wanted an end to what he called the “cancer of the insurance system.”

Fifteen-year-old Rosi Lowe, a student from Pittsburgh, was in the crowd with a classmate for a school project on the G-20 and had formed a conclusion: “I feel like it’s real exclusive and doesn’t represent the entire world.”

[Speaking of exclusion, why weren’t well-known patriot-movement leaders given a voice in the first half of this article? Can anyone say: Hypocrisy?]

Friday’s march had some marked differences from a Thursday afternoon march that ended with clashes between police and anarchists.

[Read: The paid provocateurs were not present on Friday & the march proceeded peacefully … as it would have done on Thursday if the paid provocateurs had not been there.]

The Thursday march, far smaller, did not have a permit and police declared it illegal almost as soon as it began. Small bands of anarchists responded to officers’ overwhelming show of force by rolling huge metal trash bins, throwing rocks and breaking windows. Police fired bean bags and canisters of pepper spray and smoke.

[Can anyone say: STREET THEATER? Because you know these are the images that hit the headlines in media outlets around the world. It almost seems staged somehow … ]

Later that night, hundreds of officers surrounded what was mostly a large gathering of University of Pittsburgh students in the Oakland neighborhood. The area was adjacent to where G-20 participants opened the summit, but leaders were long gone by the time police declared the gathering illegal and fired canisters of pepper spray and smoke.

[I’ve seen the video — where was the “large gathering?” It was mostly a bunch of curious students milling around! And what is “large” anyway? 10 – 20 people? 100 – 200? Anyone else notice how deliberately vague the “details” in propaganda pieces always are? Notice also that the article admits that there was never any threat to G-20 leaders by the time the police brutality began. Disgusting.]

Civil liberties groups decried what they called a heavy-handed and unwarranted police response to the Thursday protests. They complained that riot officers focused on largely peaceful, if unsanctioned, demonstrations when they should have been paying more attention to small groups of vandals that smashed windows of city businesses.

[Ya think? Talk about bully syndrome. Police picking on meek, innocent bystanders instead of protecting them from the real criminals.]

The police response was on the minds of demonstrators on Friday, including anti-war movement leader Cindy Sheehan.

“We need jobs, we need health care, we need education, we need housing,” she said at the final rally. “We don’t need the united police states of America.”

Mayor Luke Ravenstahl has praised officers for their work to minimize property damage. No protesters have been seriously injured.

[Rather than marching ominously down on people, why didn’t they have the overwhelming police presence stand in front of & guard property? Because, clearly, protecting property is far more important than protecting people … !]

[And I love this: “No protesters have been seriously injured.” Like that’s a good thing! How about: Nobody was injured AT ALL. How about: Everyone was allowed to go freely about their business in peace & harmony as one would expect in the free-est country in the world … ? How about that? Is that too much to ask?!]

In all, several businesses were damaged Thursday and scores of people were arrested on charges, many for failing to disperse and obstructing traffic.

[Now this is a beautiful example of mind control. More than halfway through this cognitively-dissonant article — well after the point where they know the critical-thinking portion of your mind has shut down due to the bombardment of nonsense — they put property damage & people arrested in the same sentence, knowing that you’re too jaded at this point to notice that the majority of people were not arrested for property damage, but for exercising their Constitutional rights … but your tired, overwhelmed mind will miss it, because it wasn’t stated outright. No, if you’re not extremely vigilant (& most people aren’t) then you’ll come away from this article thinking that most people were arrested for vandalism, when that is not the case. It’s brilliant. And, considering how low the journalistic standards in this article are, one can only conclude that the men who wrote this article are not journalists, but professional propagandists … ]

Police Chief Nate Harper said a 20-year-old California man was responsible for most of the damage, breaking some 20 windows and doors in Oakland, including windows at a Citizens Bank branch. The man was jailed on charges of criminal mischief, possessing an instrument of crime and providing false identification.

[In Pittsburgh, all the way from California?! And we’re not to believe that professional provocateurs were present?????]

Harper and public safety Director Michael Huss praised law enforcement for the handling of events related to the G-20. More than 65 law enforcement agencies, including the Pennsylvania State Police and departments from Boston, Milwaukee, Chicago and New York, assisted.

[O, how we thank you & praise you for beating up on women, children & little old ladies. O, how we thank you & praise you for violating civil rights & taking away freedoms. O, how we thank you & praise you for using storm troopers & German shepherds & making this look like the country responsible for starting World War II. O, how we thank you! Thank you!]

[Sixty-five law enforcement agencies? All that to protect 20 guys in the free-est country in the world?]

Huss said the city, whose downtown area had been largely blocked off, was beginning to take down barricades and reopen roads to traffic and should be finished by Saturday.

[Read: Locked down.]

Huss also credited residents for putting up with traffic restrictions and other inconveniences because of the summit.

[Read: “Credited free Americans with putting up with lockdowns & martial law … “]

[Other inconveniences? Like storm troopers goose-stepping & sound cannons blasting in residential neighborhoods?!]

[To sum: This is what a police state looks like.]



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