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Police Intimidate, Assault Students At University of Pittsburgh September 28, 2009

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We have links to the police scanner recordings of these arrests HERE (Part 1) & HERE (Part 2).

The recordings are quite lengthy (over an hour in total) &, if you’ve never listened to a police scanner before, it can be difficult to listen to due to the poor sound quality & the fact that there are several situations taking place at once.

Also, the real “action” doesn’t start taking place until about a third in to the first recording (listen for keywords such as: “Oakland,” “Schenley Park” & “protesters”).

If you have the time, though, I think it’s worth a listen, because you’ll get a very different picture of the arrests from what the protesters saw …

That is, you’ll hear the police say that there’s a group of about 40 protesters with bullhorns & that they need to “encircle” them, so that they can arrest them for “failure to disperse.” Then you’ll hear police frustration as the protesters start running away “double time” (i.e. they disperse) & then there’s a lot of “tactical” talk about “pushing” the protesters so that they can “encircle” them & arrest them for “failure to disperse.”

Yes, you read that right. The protesters spontaneously disperse & then the police have to hunt them down like dogs so that they can arrest them for failure to disperse. Make sense?

Welcome to the: Police State.

— Kim

P.S. And you have to wonder what would have happened if the police had simply left the protesters alone … ? I mean, even protesters have to go to bed sometime, right? Would it have been so awful to let the protesters say whatever they had to say to whomever was willing to listen & then let them go home & go to bed in peace like any other free American?

Think about it.

Police Intimidate, Assault Students At University of Pittsburgh
September 26, 2009

The night began with a crowd assembled in Schenley Plaza sitting on the grass. Police with un-muzzled attack dogs showed up.

Hundreds of police ringed the nonviolent group in the plaza.

I was forced across the street. Cop tells crowd we’re okay, will be given warning when chemicals will be used on people across the street, to walk up Forbes Avenue if we get hit with gas. Less than a minute later riot police march across the intersection and rush the crowd, pushing us past the Cathedral of Learning to Fifth Avenue.

Police advanced us up to the William Pitt Union, and then rushed us into the Schenley Quad. We were forced back up to Litchfield Towers — and found our way blocked by cops at the entrance to the dorm.

I raised my hands and said “PLEASE, I’M TRYING TO GET TO MY ROOM,” and the cops let me past. Minutes later they were turning people away from the dorm and sending them back into the streets, where they were met with more police and more gas and rubber bullets.

Toward the end of this video you can see the aftermath of police teargassing the entrance of the Litchfield Towers because a student was trying to help up a student who had taken a rubber bullet to the face.



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