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SAR: “Warrior of the Light”: Oversize USMC truck & Farm Labor bus, Camp Pendleton 9/17/09 September 18, 2009

Posted by scmla in Suspicious Activity Report.

Suspicious Activity Report!

Observed by Prison Planet Forum member “Warrior of the Light” on September 11, 2009 at the below listed times:

The USMC POLICE wagon was parked at the Main Gate of Pendleton. Where I-5 and Harbor Drive going into Pendleton turns into Vandergrift Drive. This picture was taken on base September 11th. Approx 1:30pm

The Labor Farm buses run daily from North of where the Santa Margarita River empties into the Pacific Ocean. There are crops of some sort growing on Pendleton Just North of the Delta. The buses are usually loaded down with mexican workers. This picture was taken going East on highway 76 and Frazee Rd. approx. 5:30pm on September 11th.

Followup Suspicious Activity Report!

Comment by Scott’s father on September 18, 2009 at 10:31 a.m.:

These comments [below] are from my father he has done 20 yrs in the Air Force.

Scott Powell

“Yes , Camp Pendleton has some crops growing on it , also there is some kind of labor contract the U.S. has with Mexico , the workers can’t drive on base , so they have to be bussed in.

“Also the M.P.’s have always policed the nearby towns to make sure the marines that visit them are not creating some mischief , many of them have been locked up by the local law enforcment for various crimes , therefore the need to have transportation to haul them back to base and put in the brig . This has been going on for years …….”



1. Cpl Penn - July 18, 2010

Whoever posted this is an total idiot ! Scott Powell, MP’s do not patrol the near by citys

(“Also the M.P.’s have always policed the nearby towns to make sure the marines that visit them are not creating some mischief”)

that statement is totally wrong, and no there are no busses that haul marines to the brig from outside law enforecment.
if a marine commits a crime out in town then he does the time and punishment out in town , they do not get shipped back to base. Try and do a little more research next time before you go and type up some bull shit like this again and lie to the public. thanks

Cpl Penn Military Police ..

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