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H1N1: Panvax Training Powerpoint Received by Health Care Workers in Australia September 16, 2009

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H1N1: Panvax Training Powerpoint Received by Health Care Workers in Australia
Rob Dew
September 14, 2009

A listener from down-under sent us a PDF attachment from the vaccine manufacturer CSL Group detailing information on Panvax inoculation procedures for healthcare workers.

CSL is one of the main producers of Panvax in the southern hemisphere.

Here is the link to the PDF posted on their website.

After a quick scan of the Powerpoint presentation, I prepared a list of the more interesting slides.

Slide 3: Refers to targeted groups as herds.

Slides 4 & 5: Lists of priority tiers

Slide 16: What is Panvax? (Note image from presentation below)

Slides 18 to 24: Lists ingredients including thiomersal.

Slide 19: Admits that is causes toxic effects.

Slide 25: “Previously — The vaccination course consists of 2 doses of 15ug of antigen at least 21 days apart…. This now no longer applies. The vaccination course consists of 1 dose of 15ug of antigen for those aged 9 years of age and older.”

Slide 26: “Children aged 6 months to (9 years of age require 2 doses with a minimal interval of 21 days).”

Slide 28: Recommends that children under 10 wait for the “thiomersal free vaccine,” however Slide 20 says “There is no evidence that thiomersal has caused any developmental or neurological abnormalities, such as ADHD or Autism.”

Slide 47: Shows picture of heavily armed police and ties them to vaccine protection.

Slides 57 to 61: Section titles “Who should not get the vaccine?”

Slides 66 & 67: List Guillian-Barre Syndrome (GBS) as vaccine side effect.

Slides 76 & 77: Talks about consent. There is plenty of food for thought about the vaccines, according to Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, (see his Don’t Vaccinae! Before You Educate“Don’t Vaccinate Before You Educate)

From the CSL website:

The CSL Group has a combined heritage of outstanding contribution to medicine and human health with more than 90 years experience in the development and manufacture of vaccines and plasma protein biotherapies. With major facilities in Australia, Germany, Switzerland and the US, CSL has over 10,000 employees working in 27 countries.



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