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Vaccine Resource Page September 6, 2009

Posted by scmla in Links.

Obviously, we’re still adding to this one!

Vaccine Exemption Forms Online – by State or Country
Warranty Form For Vaccine Administrator

Law Office of Patricia Finn Attorney, P.C.

Our firm provides legal assistance regarding vaccination exemptions and vaccine injuries. We assist clients in drafting documents to obtain religious exemptions in addition to litigation for these issues, when appropriate. Our representation spans vaccine injury, child neglect, immigration and i601, personal injury, medical malpractice and other related issues.



1. annymorris - September 7, 2009

Good day. As far as I know the swine CAN NOT infect the human. Is this true?

scmla - September 7, 2009


Normally swine cannot infect human beings with their flu (at least, now without some seriously unusual circumstances). However, when weaponized biological warfare is involved all bets are off.

Several doctors have testified that this is not a naturally occurring virus. This so-called “swine flu” was a designer virus cooked up in a military-type lab. Given all the perfectly timed hype and perfectly planned vaccine production (a normal vaccine would take 18 months to produce including a year of isolating the virus and at least 6 months of rigorous testing–which the swine flu vaccine has NONE of), it is widely believed that the swine flu virus was released into the populace to cause fear and allow the World Health Organization to declare an emergency and thus allow other governments, such as the US through the Health and Human Services, declare emergencies, thus granting them emergency powers (i.e., to implement full scale martial law).

The vaccine is a major issue for three reasons: the already documented harmful nature of vaccines, the potential for a live virus more deadly than the current swine flu to be released through the vaccine, and the current legislative/WHO proclamations demanded FORCED vaccinations (which goes against the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the idea of human free will in general).

This page a whole list of articles to read: http://truth11.wordpress.com/2009/08/02/infowars-swine-flu-pandemic-resource-page/

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