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National Level Exercise (Tier II) “United Support” September 5, 2009

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DRILL REPORT: National Level Exercise (Tier II) “United Support” 09 September

When: September 2009
Where: Undisclosed, but a national exercise
Who: Department of Transportation, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security

Note: The scenario is for mass migration (as in massive amounts of American citizens fleeing the country). There is currently very little information on this drill. National Level Exercises were formerly called TOPOFF exercises (meaning Top Officials) and were renamed earlier this year by DHS Sec. Napolitano. From the powerpoint here: http://issuu.com/forgenerations/docs/nep?mode=embed&documentId=080324132349-e88c77d1089944f4915d1640081f86b2&layout=grey from FEMA, there are four tiers of exercises:

Tier I–White House directed, US Government wide-Strategy & Policy Focus, Full Preparation
Tier II–Federal Strategy & Focus, Significant Simulation
Tier III–Other Federal Exercises, Operational, Tactical, or Organizational Focus, Simulation
Tier IV–State, Territorial, Local, Tribal, or Private Sector Focus

Also note the number of exercises that the Department of Transportation has done this year alone with only FEMA and DHS.–SCMLA

From the Dept. of Transportation (http://www.dot.gov/ost/oet/preparedness.htm#training):

Training and Exercise Program

Summary: The program objective is to sustain a robust training and exercise program based upon all-hazards emergency management to meet all preparedness, response, and recovery needs, including those for COOP/COG and the regional emergency transportation program.  This program integrates the requirements of the National Response Framework (NRF) and the National Incident Management System (NIMS) into DOT policies, plans, and programs. Additionally, it tests and validates these documents through training and exercises.  The Program Manager participates in the planning, conduct and evaluation of inter-agency exercises and prepares DOT representatives (up to and including the Secretary, as appropriate) for participation in major exercises.  The Program Manager also represents the Department at all interagency training and exercise meetings and the Homeland Security Council (HSC) Domestic Readiness Group (DRG) Exercise and Evaluation Sub-Policy Coordination Committee (E & E Sub-PCC) meetings. Lastly the Program Manager is assisting in the development of DOT training requirements for the new National Security Professional Development program (under Executive Order 13434) and Reconstruction/Stabilization training requirements of National Security Presidential Decision (NSPD – 44.

Partner Agencies: Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and other Federal departments and agencies.

Stakeholders: Operating Administrations, DOT Senior Officials, and Interagency community.

Major Projects:

* Key Exercises and Events for 2009 (New Administration Transitional Period)
o California State Exercise “Golden Guardian”; November 2008; Earthquake
o DOT Pandemic Flu Seminar for Pandemic Flu Coordinators; December 16, 2008
o Principal Level Exercise 1-09: January 13, 2009; Improvised Nuclear Device
o Presidential Inauguration Events; January 2009; Security Preparations
o Canadian Tabletop Silver; February 9-13, 2009; 2010 Winter Olympic Preparation
o DOT Senior Officials Exercise (SOE); February 18, 2009; Pandemic Influenza
o Principal Level Exercise 2-09: April (TBD) 2009; Major Hurricane
o Principal Level Exercise 3-09: June 17, 2009; Preparation for NLE 09
o Continuity Exercise “Eagle Horizon”; June 17, 2009; Continuity Full Scale Deployment
o National Exercise (Tier II) “Empire 09”, June 1-5, 2009 : Disbursal Device (RDD)
o National Level Exercise 09: July 27-31, 2009; International Terrorism Prevention Focus
o National Exercise (Tier II) “United Support 09”: September  2009; Mass Migration

o Principal Level Exercise 4-09: September 2009; scenario to be determined by the Homeland Security Council

* Key Training Focus for 2008
o National Response Framework (NRF)
o National Incident Management System (NIMS)
o National Security Professional Development (Training and Education)
o DOT Emergency Response Team (ERT) Specialized Training
o Reconstruction and Stabilization (R&S)
o Continuity of Operations Planning and Government (COOP/COG)
o National and DOT Pandemic Influenza Plan and Procedures
o DOT Regional Emergency Transportation Coordinator and Representative Training (RETCO and RETREP)
o Specialized Training for Transportation Intelligence Analysts
[Emphasis mine]



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